Ukraine is able to cover EU’s demand for sunflower oil with land export – APK-Inform




APK-Inform forecasts that Ukraine will be able to export about 745 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil via western borders by the end of the current season. It is more than enough to cover the import needs of the EU, which currently is the only one available market for Ukrainian sunflower oil.

This volume can be achieved under the condition of smooth functioning of western border checkpoints, proper logistics and no further spread of military activity.

In March, Ukraine managed to increase significantly the export of sunflower oil through western borders.

APK-Inform data shows that Ukraine exported about 107 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil in March by road and rail transport. Before the war, the land export of sunflower oil was about 20-25 thsd tonnes.

However, this volume is still much lower compared to the potential monthly export that incudes shipments through ports. March export was down by 75% compared to February 2022 and by 72% compared to March 2021.

The USDA forecasts the import of sunflower oil to the EU at 1.5 mln tonnes in 2021/22 MY. In September-March, the EU imported 1.3 mln tonnes of the oil, according to the European Commission. This volume included 83% of Ukrainian sunflower oil.