Ukraine will put three crops at risk this summer – minister




This summer, Ukraine will put at risk three crops – one of the last year that we cannot export in full way, one of this year that will not be fully harvested, and one of the next year that will not be planted to the full extent, Minister of Agrarian Policy on Food of Ukraine Mykola Solsky said on May 18.

He added that Ukraine would harvest 50% of the last year’s crop, as most of winter wheat had been planted in southern and eastern Ukraine. These regions are under active military activity.

“Farmers cannot and will not harvest crops there”, – the minister said.

He added that the world market missed more than 20 mln tonnes of Ukrainian grain that could not be exported due to the blockage of Ukrainian seaports.

“Grain shortage and inflation has already hurt each country. The world is paying the price for Russian aggression against Ukraine. Citizens of all countries, even those developed, have already met or will meet the higher food prices”, – he pointed out.