Ukraine raised sizably export of grains and oilseeds in May




In May, Ukraine exported more than 1.743 mln tonnes of grains, oilseeds and by-products by all means of transport. It was 180% of April volume, informed the Ministry of Agriculture on June 7.

Wheat export increase from 9.2 thsd tonnes in April to 43.5 thsd tonnes in May, down almost 20 times y/y (857.8 thsd tonnes).

Barley shipments totaled 11.6 thsd tonnes that nearly matched 11.8 thsd tonnes in April and down about 2 times y/y.

Corn export totaled 959.35 thsd tonnes, up 60% m/m (601 thsd tonnes), but down from 2.245 mln tonnes shipped in May 2021.

Sunflower seed export rose from 104 thsd tonnes in April to 341.8 thsd tonnes in May, up almost two times compared to the full 2021/22 MY (189.6 thsd tonnes).

Soybean export amounted to 66.62 thsd tonnes, up by 17% m/m and almost two times higher y/y (36.18 thsd tonnes).

Soybean oil shipments totaled 16.08 thsd tonnes than nearly matched the April volume (16.38 thsd tonnes) compared to 20.6 thsd tonnes in May 2021.

Sunflower oil export totaled 202.65 thsd tonnes, up 56% m/m, but down from 501.8 thsd tonnes in May 2021.

Export of meals totaled 101 thsd tonnes, up 2.6 times m/m. In May 2021, Ukraine exported 440 thsd tonnes of sunflower meal.