Kazakhstan plans to start exporting sunflower meal/cake to China in 2023 – NOPA




In 2023, Kazakh oilseed processors plan to start exporting sunflower meal/cake to China, Chairman of National Oilseed Processors Association Yadykar Ibragimov stated at the international Asia Grains & Oils Conference in Qazaqstan 2022 on November 11 in Astana.

“By the end of this year, we expect to sign a draft protocol on the export of meal/cake to China. Starting next year, the Chinese market should be opened for us”, – Y. Ibragimov said.

According to NOPA, China imported about 2.2 mln tonnes of sunflower meal in the last 2 seasons.

“The market is huge, and it will be possible to supply the surplus we have to Western and Central China”, – the head of NOPA stressed.

He expressed confidence that the opening of such a large sales market would allow Kazakh processors to raise prices when purchasing oilseed from producers.

The volume of meal/cake production in the countries of Central Asia is more than 1.7 mln tonnes, and the consumption of this product in Central Asia (including Afghanistan) is 1.9 mln tonnes, the head of the Association specified.

“This difference between production and consumption at 200thsd tonnes is the import of high-protein soybean meal. Soybean meal is an indispensable component in the poultry diet due to its high protein content. Sunflower meal is not enough”, – the speaker said at the conference.

He added that mainly Argentinean high-protein soybean meal was imported to the market of Central Asia.

Kazakh enterprises plan to increase the production of sunflower meal/cake, bringing the processing of sunflower seed in the new season to 1 mln tonnes. Accordingly, the surplus of sunflower meal/cake will amount to about 300 thsd tonnes, the head of NOPA said.

He added that there is also great potential for flaxseed meal/cake (including in terms of supplies to China). According to preliminary estimates, the export of this product may amount to about 200 thsd tonnes.

NOPA was founded in 2021. NOPA’s members process more than 85% of oilseeds in Kazakhstan. The share of export of NOPA’s members exceeds 90% of the overall volume. 

NOPA became an exclusive fat-and-oil partner of the international Asia Grains&Oils in Qazaqstan 2022, which was held on November 10-11 in Astana.