Ukraine shipped more than 12.3 mln tonnes of food via “grain corridor”




For 4 months of functioning of the “grain corridor” (August-November), 506 ships left the ports of Great Odesa carrying in total more than 12.3 mln tonnes of Ukrainian food.

Corn dominates the structure of export with a share of 43% (5.3 mln tonnes). Wheat accounted for 29% of the export via the “grain corridor” (3.6 mln tonnes), rapeseed – 7.5% (926 thsd tonnes), vegetable oil – 6.5% (799 thsd tonnes).

Ukrainian food was delivered to 43 countries. Spain (18%; 2.3 mln tonnes), Turkey (14%; 1.7 mln tonnes) and China (12%; 1.5 mln tonnes) were the key importers.

These countries became the leading buyers of Ukrainian food due to massive import of corn. The share of Spain amounted to 20% (1.1 mln tonnes) in total corn import, Turkey – (712 thsd tonnes), China – 13% (696 thsd tonnes).

Spain bought 21% (770 thsd tonnes) of total wheat volume, Turkey – 17% (614 thsd tonnes), Bangladesh – 9% (323 thsd tonnes).

India was the main destination for vegetable oil (26%; 208 thsd tonnes). Turkey imported 21% (168 thsd tonnes) of the oil, China – 13% (107 thsd tonnes).

In November, the export of food via the “grain corridor” slowed down and totaled 2.6 mln tonnes, down from 4.1 mln tonnes in October. This is due to delays in the inspection of vessels. The "grain corridor" remains a key channel for the supply of Ukrainian food to the global market and a tool for stabilizing global food security. A decrease in the efficiency of its functioning, both due to organizational restraining factors and weather conditions in the winter period, will have a significant impact on the availability of food in the world and its cost.

More detailed information about shipments of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports is provided in the interactive dashboard of APK-Inform “Results of the “Grain Corridor” work”.