Almost 70% of Ukrainian farmers find it difficult to sell grain – APK-Inform




The results of a survey among 530 agricultural producers in 16 regions of Ukraine made by APK-Inform indicate that 69% of respondents currently have difficulties with the selling of grains and oilseeds of both new and old harvests.

The farmers of Khmelnytskyi (97%), Kirovohrad (91%), Kyiv (91%), Cherkasy (89%), Dnipropetrovsk (88%), Poltava (84%) and Lviv (82%) oblasts face the biggest problems while looking for buyers. It is easier for agricultural producers to find buyers in Transcarpathia, where only 18% of respondents have difficulties with the sale of grain and oilseed crops. In Rivne, Vinnytsia and Volyn oblasts this indicator is 34%, 26% and 38% correspondingly.

"Many agricultural producers complain about the low bid prices, which barely cover the production costs and are often even lower than grain cost price. There are also problems due to the shutdown of most Ukrainian seaports and the increase in logistics costs", – the experts add.