Ukraine exported almost 39 mln tonnes of agricultural products after beginning of full-scale Russia’s invasion




Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has shipped almost 39 mln tonnes of grains, oilseeds and their b-products. Particularly, over 10 months of the war, corn export amounted to 15.6 mln tonnes, wheat – 8.6 mln tonnes and sunflower oil – 3.3 mln tonnes, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported.

"In December 2022, 6.8 mln tonnes of agricultural products were exported, which is 900 thsd tonnes more than in November. In general, December was marked by an expected decrease in rapeseed supplies. Instead, the export of corn increased (by 1.3 mln tonnes) to 3.3 mln tonnes", – the ministry noted.

Wheat export in December remained unchanged and amounted to 1.6 mln tonnes. Also, supplies of sunflower oil and soybean remained almost unchanged at 468 thsd tonnes (466 thsd tonnes in November) and 387 (385) thsd tonnes correspondingly. Instead, supplies of sunflower seed decreased by 65 thsd tonnes to 312 thsd tonnes.

A significant decrease was observed in rapeseed shipments to 237 thsd tonnes in December against 412 thsd tonnes in November. However, such a trend is seasonal and traditional for Ukraine. Barley shipments have almost halved to 179 thsd tonnes in December.

Export of meal showed a slight decrease (by 13 thsd tonnes) in December and amounted to 331 thsd tonnes. Soybean oil supplies increased by 4 thsd tonnes to 20 thsd tonnes.

Generally, corn accounted for 48.32% of the overall agricultural export in December, wheat –23.03%, sunflower oil – 6.93%, soybean – 5.74%, sunflower seed – 4.62%, meals – 4.9 %, rapeseed – 3.51%, barley – 2.65%, soybean oil – 0.3%.

Over 10 months, Ukraine exported 15.6 mln tonnes of corn (39.96%), 8.6 mln tonnes of wheat (21.98%), 3.3 mln tonnes of sunflower oil (8.37%), 3 mln tonnes of rapeseed (7.75%), 2.7 mln tonnes of sunflower seed (6.92%), 2.2 mln tonnes of meals (5.8%), 1.7 mln tonnes of barley (4.37%), 1.7 mln tonnes of soybean (4.48%), 188 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (0.48%).