China became leading destination for Ukrainian food via “grain corridor”




As of January 8, 633 ships with more than 16.9 mln tonnes of Ukrainian food left the ports of Great Odesa under the “grain initiative”. Corn accounted for more than 46% of the overall export volumes over the reporting period (7.8 mln tonnes), wheat accounted for another 28% (4.8 mln tonnes) and vegetable oil for 6% (1 mln tonnes).

China and Spain were the key destinations, which imported a total of 3 mln tonnes of all goods delivered via the “grain corridor”.

In December 2022, the supplies to China increased significantly that allowed this country to take a leading position among importers. In particular, almost 940 thsd tonnes of corn and 133 thsd tonnes of meal were exported to China in December. The total volume of deliveries to China in December amounted to almost 1.1 mln tonnes, which is 68% more than in November (636 thsd tonnes).

More detailed information about shipments of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports is provided in the interactive dashboard of APK-Inform “Results of the “Grain Corridor” work”.