In 2019/20 MY, the supplies of Russian wheat on the global market to exceed the shipments of the European and US grain — expert




In 2019/20 MY, the supplies of Russian wheat on the global market can reach 40 mln tonnes, an increase of 50% compared with shipments of the grain from Europe (20 mln tonnes) and the USA (27 mln tonnes), reported the Senior Pricing Specialist at EMEA Freight, S&P Global Platts, Sam Hashmi, during his report within frames of the international conference "Middle East Grains&Oils Congress: Beirut edition", on September 18.

Taking into account the shipment dynamics of wheat from Russia for 5 recent seasons, in the reporting period the supplies of the Russian grain on the global market increased by 60% — from 23 mln tonnes in 2014/15 MY, to 37 mln tonnes in 2018/19 MY. In the season-2019/20, the figures can reach 40 mln tonnes, in particular due to the growth of Russian wheat exports to China, he said.

According to S.Hashmi, taking into account the rising costs associated with the rules of IMO 2020, the attractiveness of Black Sea grains can somewhat decrease for the largest global wheat importer — Indonesia, in favour of wheat from Australia and other countries. For example, in 2018 Russia and Ukraine were the main suppliers of wheat on the market of Indonesia, and their combined supplies reached nearly 3.6 mln tonnes, while Australia supplied 2.4 mln tonnes of the grain. At the same time, in January-May of 2019 Argentina exported 1.6 mln tonnes of wheat to Indonesia, up 137% compared with the same period of 2018.

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