The Second International Conference
"Oilseed Industry of Ukraine: current state, prospects, technologies"

October 29-30, Kiev

Organized by:

  • APK-Inform Agribusiness Information Company

  • Agrarian Policy Ministry of Ukraine

  • Oilseed Industry Association "Ukroliyaprom"

The Conference Site:

  • Hotel "Tourist", ul. Raissy Okipnoy, 2, (Metro Station "Levoberezhnaya"), Kiev


Azovskaya Food Company

Industrial Group "KMT"

Dnipropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant

List of participants

The Conference Programme:

October 28

12.00 - 17.30 Registration of participants

October 29

08.00 – 09.50 Registration of participants
10.00 - 11.30 Section 1: "Oilseeds production issues"
  Summary of the 2003 crop of oilseeds in Ukraine and prospects for the 2004 crop
  Agro-economical issues of oilseeds production in Ukraine
  Prospects for rapeseeds, false flax and mustard production in Ukraine
  Prospects for soybeans production in Ukraine
11.30 - 11.45 Coffee break
11.45 - 13.35 Section 2: "Oilseed and products markets"
  Situation in the world oilseeds market
  Situation in the oilseeds market of Ukraine
  Situation in the world vegoils market
  Situation in the vegoils market of Ukraine
13.35 - 14.15 Lunch
14.15 - 15.45 Section 3: "Vegetable fats market"
  Modified fats market in Ukraine
  Margarine products market in Ukraine
  Mayonnaise market in Ukraine and Russia
  Рынок майонезов в Украине и России
15.45 - 16.00 Coffee break
16.00 - 17.10 Section 4: "Oil & fats marketing issues"
  Quality of Ukrainian vegoils
  Main trends of the vegetable fats consumer market in Ukraine in 2001-2003
  The opportunities of product placement method for promotion of oil & fat products
17.30 Reception in honour of the Conference participants, cocktail party

October 30

10.00 - 17.00 Section 5: "Oilseeds and vegoils processing technologies"
  Equipment for oilseed crops after-harvest treatment
  Utilisation of enzymes in the oil & fat industry
  Special sorts of bleaching soils for improvement of quality of oils
  Ferment technologies of oils modification
  Possible ways of development of main stages of edible oils production
  Utilisation of kieselguhrs in oil & fat industry
13.35 - 14.15 Lunch
  Production of modified fats by the method of fermentative transetherification
  Determination of structural and mechanical properties of fats
  Romaco equipment for oil & fat industry
  Formation of carbonyl compounds at early stages of vegetable oils oxidation
  Palm oil. Peculiarities of its utilisation in fat & oil industry of Ukraine
17.00 Conference Closure

Conditions of Participation

  • Registration fee per participant is US$230.

  • The fee includes:
    - participation in the Conference;
    - portfolio with information materials of the Conference;
    - coffee breaks, lunches, cocktail party.

  • Advertising & informational presentations (set for the second day of the Conference only) will be charged with an additional fee of US$128.

Discounts system

  • A 10 percent discount for the second, third, etc. participant from single organization is offered.

Additional discounts (only one will be available)

  • A 15 percent discount to subscribers of APK-Inform's analytical publication "Ukrainskiy Maslichnyi Rynok"("Ukrainian Oilseeds Market").

  • A 10 percent discount to subscribers of weekly journal "APK-Inform" or daily report "Novosti Agrorynka"("Agrimarket News") and also to members of association "Ukroliyaprom".

Deadline for Applications and Terms of Payment

  • The deadline for applications is October 20.

  • Abstracts of advertising & informational presentations to be included in the printed catalogue of the Conference are admitted before October 10.

  • Payment terms: 100 percent prepayment against the invoice, issued by the Organization Committee according to participant application.

  • Return of payment in case of cancellation of the application:
    - 80 percent of the amount will be returned if participation is cancelled before October 14;
    - 50 percent of the amount will be returned if participation is cancelled from October 15 to October 23;
    - no return of payment is provided if participation is cancelled after October 23.

Sponsorship Information

Sponsors of the Conference are offered the following:

  • Participation in the Conference of up to three persons from the company.

  • An introductory greeting word will be published in the Conference Catalogue.

  • Colored logo of the sponsoring company installed in the Conference hall.

  • An advertising & informational article (1 full page) or an advertising block (full page, full-color print) in the Conference Catalogue.

  • Placement of the company's logo on the first page of the Conference Catalogue.

  • Placement of the company's logo in advertising blocks of the Conference, published in the media.

  • Placement of the company's logo on the Conference invitation leaflets.

  • Placement of the company's logo on the Conference invitation cards.

  • Inclusion of the company's advertising handouts into the Conference portfolio distributed to all participants.

  • Total cost of participation in the Conference as a Sponsor is US$1,999.

If you would like to participate in the Conference or to become its Sponsor, please fill in the application form, or contact Marketing Department of Agribusiness Information Company APK-Inform at +380 562 320795, e-mail [email protected].