In 2022, EU became main destination for Ukrainian food




The export of agricultural products from Ukraine in January-August 2022 totaled 13.55 bln USD, down 10% y/y, Deputy Director at the National scientific center “Institute of Agrarian Economics” at NAAS Nikolai Pugachev said citing the State Customs Service.

The share of agro-industrial products in the general structure of exports from Ukraine reached 47%.

Grains and oilseeds, fats and oils, residues and waste from the food industries as well as meat and by-products remained the core of agricultural export. These products covered 88% of the total value of external supplies in January-August 2022.

Asia, the EU, Africa and the CIS remained the key destinations for Ukrainian agricultural products. Their common share accounted for 97%.

The EU was the only destinations, where the export of Ukrainian agricultural products increased in 2022. The share of the EU increased from 28% to 52%. The EU bought Ukrainian food at the sum of 7 bln USD.

Asia was the leading importer of Ukrainian agricultural products for more than 10 years. However, in 2022, Asian share totaled 33% (4.4 bln USD).

Export to Africa totaled 1.11 bln USD (8%), to the CIS – 534 mln USD (4%).

Poland (1.57 bln USD), Romania (1.3 bln USD), Turkey (1.25 bln USD), China (1.1 bln USD), the Netherlands (844 mln USD), Spain (558 mln USD), Bulgaria (527 mln USD), Egypt (466 mln USD), India (448 mln USD), Hungary (441 mln USD) were the key importers of Ukrainian agricultural products.