Tekoil company is a Technological Sponsor of Fat&Oil Industry-2023




SPE Tekoil LLC is a Technological Sponsor of the ХХІ International Conference Fat&Oil Industry-2023, which will be held on October 23 in Lviv.

Tekoil Scientific and Production Enterprise was created to develop and implement fundamentally new approaches to refining by-products of oil production (fuses, tank sediments, hydrofuses, soap stock) to obtain high-tech products of export quality. The company employs experienced specialists in chemistry, microbiology, technologists, chemists, physicists, microbiologists, technologists with extensive work experience, and skilled workers.

The company "Tekoil" fundamentally differs in the complexity of the approach and the originality of technical and technological solutions, considering the market's requirements and the economic situation.

The company is also engaged in the supply of vegetable oils to Europe, the purchase and processing of non-standard oils and fats, and by-products of oil production.

Mykhailo Bortsov, owner and director of SPE Tekoil LLC, will speak at the “Fat&Oil Industry-2023” conference about environmentally friendly methods of processing substandard oils, by-products, and waste from the fat and oil industry. He will also touch on the issues of producing fatty acids without mineral acids.

Agenda of the conference

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