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May 8 2014, 16:01 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1564

Ukraine started the building of the accounting unit of water supplies to Crimea

In Kherson oblast there was started the building of accounting unit of water supplies to Crimea, declared the Chairman of Kherson Regional State Administration, Yuri Odarchenko.

Y.Odarchenko stated the dike was built in Kherson oblast in order to measure the illegal water use by self-appointed Crimean Government.

At the same time, Y.Odarchenko mentioned there is no legal relations between Ukraine and Crimea. The stated issue is the main reason of the water supplies' absence at the peninsula.

Also, the Chairman confirmed that the new Government of Crimea destroyed the right part of the North-Crimean channel in order to recurve Biuk-Karasu river.


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