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July 8 2014, 11:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1254

Free trade zone with the EU not to force domestic goods from the Ukrainian market – expert

Due to the fact that the level of tariff shelter of the Ukrainian market from the European goods was always very low, and taking into account the significant devaluation of UAH, it is unlikely that foundation of the free trade zone with the European Union will move out Ukrainian goods from the domestic market, declared Igor Shevlyakov, economist of the Ukrainian Institute for Public Policy, on June 23.

According to him, the short-term effect of the free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU will come to the fact that the Ukrainian commodities, which are already being sold in the EU, will become more competitive, due to reduction of the customs duties. The same thing will happen with the European goods on the Ukrainian market, said I.Shevlyakov.

At the same time, the expert stressed that the main effect of the reporting free trade zone should be expected in the long-term prospect only.

Ukraine should become the part of the EU single market, except that the border and customs will still remain, explained the expert. The rules concerning trade have to be harmonized with the European ones, i.e. should be the same for the EU and Ukraine. Therefore, the European business on the Ukrainian market will make itself at home, and the Ukrainian business on the European market will work according to domestic (Ukrainian) rules, summed I.Shevlyakov.


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