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July 23 2014, 08:46 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1026

Russian exporters seek possibilities for Crimean grain exports

Despite the denial of report on Crimean grain exports to Cyprus, that was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country on July 21, 2014, Russian exporters continue to plan further grain shipments from the Crimea to Cyprus.

Thus, according to the poll of APK-Inform, at an early date Crimea plans to export 5 thsd tonnes of barley from the South Sevastopol terminal. The destination port is Famagusta (South-Eastern coast of Cyprus).

At the same time, to date Russian companies are considering different possibilities on Crimean grain exports realization. In particular, it is possible to transport Crimean grain to the inland of Russia and ship it from the major Azov and Black Seas ports.


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