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The prices of goods are provided for information and reference purposes only, and they are not the prices of real transactions.
The effective price range is published in the daily issues "Novosti Agrorynka" and "AGROden", and in the weekly issues "APK-Inform", and can also be provided upon additional request.
In terms of changes the market liquidity, appearance or removal of commodity groups with different qualitative characteristics, as well as reconsideration of the relationship between market participants, the price positions can be removed or added to the monitoring base, or APK-Inform can change the frequency of their publication.

APK-Inform is an information and analytical platform where farmers and owners of industrial agricultural enterprises can find out the latest news from the agricultural sector. Read exclusive interviews, participate in online conferences and see prices for new crops or past seasons. Only verified data is published here, which allows readers to optimize the process of their agribusiness based on reliable facts.

Harvest prices

The analytical agency provides interested people with the opportunity to find out what the price of new crop grain in Ukraine is with a few clicks. In addition, the page presents the cost of agricultural products in other countries of the world, including CIS.

APK-Inform publishes information about:

  • Changes in the liquidity of the crop in the agricultural market.
  • The price of the crop, depending on its quality characteristics.
  • On the relationship between market participants that can affect the price of the crop.

The material in this section is for informational purposes, since the price of the crop fluctuates in the conditions of real transactions between agricultural enterprises.

Here you can determine how much the products cost on the agricultural market of Ukraine in a certain period of time. We provide pricing data for:

  • sunflower;
  • wheat;
  • oilseeds;
  • barley;
  • corn.

APK-Inform publishes prices based on the latest data provided by primary sources.

Search for up-to-date information APK-Inform

In order to find the cost of grain, you need to use the search filters, which indicate:

  • Period.
  • Market segment (oil, grain).
  • Country of Origin.
  • Product category (raw materials, processed product).
  • Formation of value (demand, supply).
  • Basis.

Based on these characteristics, you can find out the price of raw materials or processed products that is closest to reality. This will help agricultural sector employees assess possible risks in the economic market and improve the performance of their enterprise.

The users of our resource are agricultural and business workers all over the world, so the geography of the site looks like this:

  • Ukraine - 50%;
  • CIS - 45%;
  • Non-CIS countries - 5-10%.

This allows users from all over the world to draw up a real situation about the agro-industrial complex in the CIS countries.