About the conference

APK-Inform Agency announces about holding of the international conference “Market of soybeans and meals of the CIS and European countries”, devoted to the market of soybeans and feed meals, (June 8-10, 2011, Kaliningrad).

The growing number of population, and consequently the needs in livestock products, leads to stable demand for meals (soybean, rapeseed and sunflower meals) as one of the most important components of feed mixtures. Soybean meal is the lawmaker of prices on the world market of meals. The position can be explained through its leading position, both in the spheres of production volumes and nutritive properties. Prices for soymeal have an effect on the process of forming the prices for rapeseed and sunseed meals. In 2009/10 MY, the general volume of soybean meal/cake production in Russia totaled 1191 thsd tonnes. At the same time, production volumes of soybean are constantly growing. In 2010. soybean production in bunker weight totaled 1.22 mln tonnes, an increase of 15% compared to 2009.

The general production volume of oilseed meals and cakes in Russia in 2010 totaled 3657 thsd tonnes. Sunseed meal holds the largest share of meals production in Russia. Last year the production volumes of sunseed meal and cake reached 2602 thsd tonnes. Exports of sunseed meal/cake from Russia in 2009/10 MY totaled 679.582 thsd tonnes.

Due to development of biodisel industry, rapeseed processing is growing from year to year worldwide, as opposed to Russia, where the industry does not have such kind of popularity. Besides, using of rapeseed meal in Russia has some limitations. As opposed to Europe, the reporting direction is slowed down by absence of the necessary amount of raw materials, despite the fact that production territory and volumes of rapeseed processing have grown notably during recent years.

The lack of analogues of soybean meal among other oilseeds, which are advantageous for consumers in using, leaves enough number of chances for purchasing of import soybean meal. Thus, the supply of soybeans and soymeal to the main consumers almost throughout the whole European part of territory of the country is realized by companies-importers, organizing deliveries of the ready-made meal (shipping cargoes in the port of Saint Petersburg), and also the plant CJSC Sodrugestvo-Soya, processing soybeans in Kaliningrad oblast (Svetliy).

The venue for holding the conference was not chosen on occasion. The geographic location of Kaliningrad as the northern gates for export-import transactions, has a huge value in life support of Kaliningrad region, and plays rather essential role in logistics transportation as the main part of export-import cargo flow goes through the territory of the oblast.

The plant Sodrugestvo is one of the largest processors of soybeans in Europe with the processing volume of 3300 tonnes of soybeans per day, directed to the processing of imported soybeans only. According to data of APK-Inform Agency, imports of soybeans in the current MY will total 1.15 mln tonnes, up 13.5% compared to the last year index. It is important to note that the company CJSC Sodrugestvo-Soya presents as the general sponsor of the conference.

According to estimations of APK-Inform Agency, during September-December 2010/11 MY the ports loaded for imports nearly 191.198 thsd tonnes of soybean meal. Imports of soybeans to Russia during the period totaled 364.628 thsd tonnes.

According to forecasts of APK-Inform Agency, imports of soymeal to Russia in 2010/11 МY will total nearly 450 thsd tonnes, up 17.5% compared to the last year result.

Main topic sections of the conference:

  • Analysis of the current situation on the European and CIS markets of soybeans and meals. Tendencies and forecasts of development of the world market of oilseeds, meals (soybean, sunseed, rapeseed) in medium-term outlook.

  • Analysis of the main factors, which have influence on the oilseeds market of Europe: import/exports of raw materials and main by-products.

  • Analysis of the consumer market preferences in view of prices and quality (level of production, consumption).

  • Reviewing of import and export volumes of soybeans and meals (namely, soybean and meals exports/imports structure, companies-senders/receivers, countries of product destination/ origin).

  • Geographic location of the plant Sodrugestvo, and logistic transportation through Kaliningrad as the northern gates for export-import transactions.

  • Belarus and Baltic countries as the main consumers of oilseed meals.

  • Ukraine – the main producer /supplier of meals on the European market.

Target audience:

trading companies, large producers of soybeans, processors of soybeans, specialists of evaluation the quality of raw materials and by-products, main consumers of meals (combine fodder plants, poultry farms), experts of analytical and consulting agencies, transport-expediting companies, representatives of specialized organizations and associations, representatives of governmental departments.


representatives of companies-producers of meals, trading companies, representatives of the leading analytical and consulting agencies, and governmental departments.

Expected number of participants:

150-170 delegates from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the EU countries (Germany, Poland, Baltic region countries), the USA, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

For more detailed information about conditions of participation, sponsorship and making reports contact the marketing department of APK-Inform Agency: +380 562 320-795, +7 495 789-44-19