APK-Inform increased the forecast of grain production in Russia




According to the updated estimations of APK-Inform analysts, the forecast of production of grain and pulses in Russia in 2019/20 MY increased to 125 mln tonnes (up 0.7% compared with the forecast made in September 2019).

According to APK-Inform analyst, Dmytro Korotya, all major grain crops faced adjustments to the harvest forecast: the forecast of wheat production increased to 77.8 mln tonnes (up 0.4% compared with the September estimations), barley — 21.5 mln tonnes (up 1%), and corn — 13 mln tonnes (up 3.1%). The adjustments developed, in terms of the updated preliminary figures of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The analyst kept the forecast of the domestic consumption at the previous level — 75.4 mln tonnes, including food consumption — 19 mln tonnes, and feed consumption — 39.9 mln tonnes.