The owners of large industrial enterprises and agricultural workers are trying to choose the best technologies for improving production and keep abreast of events that affect the profits from their activities. The APK-Inform online platform provides real information about the economic situation in the agricultural market of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries, taken from reliable sources, as well as their statistics and analysis. Based on verified data, farmers can draw up an optimal work plan, focusing on supply and demand.

Grain stock and harvest statistics

The Internet site has the latest reports on the development of agribusiness around the world, statistics on stocks and grain crops. They allow interested parties to recreate a picture of the economic situation in the country and the world market. In this section of the site, users can learn about:

  • crop yields (wheat, barley, etc.) for the past period;
  • the course of field work in Ukraine, Russia, etc.;
  • sown area of ​​cereals;
  • stocks of grain in Kazakhstan and in neighboring countries for a certain period.

Information data and statistics on the stock of grain are presented in small blocks, which is very convenient if you need to urgently find information on a specific issue. Full articles are available only to APK Inform subscribers, but unregistered users can also get acquainted with general information and the latest reports. Before publication, the editors carefully check and analyze all the information received from various sources, so our readers receive only reliable yield statistics for the past period (month, quarter, year).

Our target audience

We provide statistics and analysis of the situation on the agricultural market around the world, so our target audience is:

  • 50% are Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  • 40% are Russian farmers.
  • 10% - residents of Kazakhstan and far abroad.

The monthly growth of our readers is about 10%.

The material on the online platform is interesting:

  • representatives of industrial enterprises, agricultural enterprises and large agricultural complexes;
  • heads of logistics and trading companies;
  • manufacturers of processing machines and processing factories.

The statistics of stocks and grain yields, presented in the information and analytical online magazine, will help agricultural workers to improve the activities of their companies and increase the percentage of profits several times.