Russia: the record oilseeds crop hampered by weather – forecast




According to APK-Inform forecast, the sown area of key oilseeds will reach 13.5 mln ha in Russia in 2020 (+4% to the result of 2019). Soybeans and rapeseed will provide the area surplus, informed the analysts of APK-Inform, Julia Ivanitskaya during the on-line conference “Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan. Updates and forecasts”.

The growing demand for soybeans from both processors and exporters promote the extension of the area under the crop by 8% to 3.3 mln ha in 2020.

The planted area under rapeseed could reach the record level of 1.7 mln ha in 2020 (+11%). The extension of rapeseed area will come mainly due to wider area under winter rapeseed (+67%).

At the same time, the sown area of sunflower will stay at 8.5 mln ha.

However, the record oilseeds production of the last year will not be exceeded in 2020 as the dry weather could limit the possible increase of yield and production.

“Thus, the total production of three oilseeds could decline by 1% to about 21.5 mln tonnes in 2020 due to forecasted yield decrease”. – the expert pointed out.