Ukraine: condition of early spring crops is good in all oblasts, except for southern ones




In Ukraine, in mid-May 2020 the condition of early spring grain crops was mostly good and satisfactory, while in some raions of southern oblasts it was unsatisfactory, reported the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

Due to the drought, in southern oblasts the crops demonstrated yellowing of leaves, weak formation of reproductive units, as well as in some raions of southern oblasts spring barley areas stopped tillering, the experts said.

Also, during the second ten-day period of May in most oblasts spring barley and spring wheat started forming the lower straw node, and the late planted crops even started tillering. The plant height totaled 12-42 cm, and the number of productive stems per 1 sq.m — 490-1110.

Depending on crops planting dates, oats started forming the lower straw node, tillering, or reached the third leaf stage, as well as formed the nodal roots. The plant height varied within 8-26 cm. The general condition of agricultural crops was good and satisfactory.

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