Rains stopped the drought in Ukraine — Hydrometcenter




The rains observed across the territory of Ukraine since the previous week stopped the drought, however, there is no threat of overwatering, informed the Head of agrometeorology department at the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center, Tetyana Adamenko, on May 25.

“The rains interrupted the drought across the most of Ukraine, there is some relaxation under winter and early spring crops even on the south of the country. It is very important, as currently plants need moisture above all. I hope we will not see the overwatering, however, we did not observe it for a long time”, - she said.

T.Adamenko mentioned that there is no threat of the overwatering, as the temperatures will rise soon.

She predicted the higher temperatures in early June and it will reach +30оС on the south and +24оС…+28оС across the rest of the territory by June 10.

There will be some precipitations, but no heavy rains any more as they were caused by upper cyclone.

Current low temperatures slow down the growth and development of warm-weather crops (corn, sunflower, soybeans)/ but they will not affect the yield.