VegOil Trade conference in Rotterdam will bring together the largest participants in the oilseed market from 29 countries




The global oilseed market, and the European one in particular, has recently been anything but “boring”. Due to geopolitical upheavals and weather conditions, leaders in the production and supply of oilseeds in a number of key regions periodically changed. Thus, Ukraine has significantly unseated the traditional players in the EU oilseeds market, which APK-Inform has repeatedly written about. And yet, according to experts, the global oilseed harvest next season promises to be a record.

In order to navigate this dynamically changing situation and get a first-hand view of the prospects, APK-Inform will bring together key oilseed market participants and experts at the international conference “VegOil Trade”, which will be held on June 8-9 in Rotterdam.

You can find a detailed agenda of the conference on the APK-Inform website.

The great interest in the event is demonstrated by the number and geography of participants – today about 150 delegates from 29 countries have registered – Ukraine, Turkey, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Cyprus.

We expect guests from more distant corners of the world – Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Canada.

Among the delegates are large exporters and importers of oilseeds, brokerage companies, processors, representatives of industry associations, analytical companies, etc.

The list of participating companies can be found here. Of course, it is incomplete, because new delegates are added daily.

If you want to get updates on the current situation of the oilseeds market in key regions and be the first to know expert forecasts, find new partners, and conclude profitable contracts, join the VegOil Trade team!

You can register on the APK-Inform website.