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Statistics of foreign trade in oilseeds

Reviews, statistical and analytical information on foreign trade in oilseeds will be useful for:

  • large and medium-sized agricultural complexes;
  • enterprises that use oil-containing grain for processing;
  • logistics and trading companies.

This knowledge largely helps to avoid mistakes in business and optimize your income and expenses in order to get the maximum result from your activities.

The statistics of foreign trade in oilseeds on the website of our company is 100% reliable. The specialists of the research center use modern technologies to collect statistical data, a unique database and operate with first-hand information from the key players in world trade. They track everything that happens in the CIS countries and update the information platform with market research every day:

  • for the current year Ukrainian export of oilseeds is 8.3%;
  • linen. Kazakhstan is one of the largest suppliers, but it is not so popular among Ukrainian agricultural entrepreneurs. However, foreign trade statistics, compared to 2020, indicates an increase in export countries to 30;
  • domestically produced soybeans rank fifth in demand on the agricultural market, and the demand for soybeans will increase (by 30% of last year's demand);
  • mustard. Ukraine grows 2% of the total volume in the world, which allows it to be in the top 10 in terms of sales of this agricultural product;
  • Ukrainian sunflower is bought by the EU countries, Turkey and Georgia, so Ukraine is in ninth place in the global agricultural market. The top three include the Russian Federation, China and Europe;
  • the share of export trade in rapeseed is 14%, which raises our state to the second place in terms of exports. This is not bad at all, given the highest price for rapeseed in the last 20 years.

Modern machinery, new technologies and generous land resources make it possible to increase crops. However, statistics show that domestic farmers do not use the potential of agricultural enterprises and processing enterprises to the maximum, so foreign trade in oilseeds has not yet achieved the desired results.

Use for your own purposes the analysis of the production of oil-containing products and foreign trade, including the ratings of sellers-buyers, export prices, geography of supplies, etc.