The APK-Inform online platform is a convenient service for farmers and employees of large industrial enterprises, which publishes reliable data on the economic situation in the agricultural market of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The site contains only real statistics and analytics obtained from trusted sources. Using the information, it is possible to analyze the activities of the agricultural market in order to optimize the production of many industrial and agricultural enterprises. The material published on the platform is carefully checked by the editors, so readers do not have the risk of receiving erroneous and unreliable information.

Stock and harvest statistics for oilseeds

Oilseeds stock and harvest statistics are useful information for all farm workers, because on the basis of these data it is possible to improve agricultural production technologies and increase the percentage of profit. On the pages of APK-Inform you can see a lot of useful material on the following topics:

  • Stocks of oilseeds in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other states.
  • Progress of field work.
  • Cultivation areas of oilseeds in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
  • Yield dynamics over the past period (1999-2019)

The statistics of stocks and yields of oilseeds allows you to find out how the agro-industry of the near and far abroad is developing. This makes it possible to calculate the cost of agricultural products, to establish oil exports and market relations between European countries. Yield and oil-containing stock statistics are updated several times a month and are published exclusively from reliable sources.

Who will be interested in APK-Inform website

Every day the resource is visited by about 4,000 users who are interested in information posted by our information and analytical agency. The geography of visitors to the online platform is 50% - Ukrainians, 40% - residents of the Russian Federation, 5-10% - users from Kazakhstan and around the world. The statistics published on the site may be of interest to:

  • private and state entrepreneurs in the field of agribusiness;
  • farm owners;
  • heads of logistics companies;
  • managers of companies producing agricultural machinery;
  • scientists in the field of agricultural chemistry.

Yield and stock statistics are located in separate blocks, which allows you to quickly find the necessary data. Only registered users or subscribers of online magazines can view articles in full.