Agrimarket Weekly

Weekly information and analytical magazine
Ukraine, Russia, CIS

Agrimarket Weekly (Russia-Ukraine-CIS) is the electronic magazine launched by APK-Inform Agency since 2003. The additional bonus for subscribers – Daily prices (FOB, CIS, news, market talks). The appendix is e-mailed to subscribers daily from Monday till Friday at 6.30 PM (Ukrainian time). Agrimarket Weekly provides top quality information about the Black Sea market of oilseeds, veg oils and grains and covers Ukrainian,  Russian and Kazakh markets.

Agrimarket Weekly contains:

  • Agrinews (Russia, Ukraine and the CIS)

  • Grain markers reports (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)

  • Oilseed markers reports (Russia, Ukraine)

  • Foreign trade, Port shipments

  • Analysis (crop balances, forecasts)

  • Offers and bids

  • Comparative price data

The publication is published in English in electronic form (PDF)
Subscription price
Term USD
1 mon. 80
3 mon. 240
6 mon. 420
12 mon. 720
The minimum subscription period is 3 months


  • access to restricted materials of the site (except for the statistics section) that are posted on the site during the period of subscription to the journal (in order to gain access to restricted materials of the site, it is necessary to register

  • electronic version of the journal with the possibility of receiving the latest up to three e-mail addresses located on the same domain name of the organization-subscriber. if the subscriber organization exceeds the email address limit, a surcharge of 25% of the monthly cost of the subscription is entered

  • weekly app "Daily prices" (FOB CIS)



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