Sunflower triangle: Argentina, Russia, Ukraine.
Competitive Environment, Investing Opportunities and Prospects for 2009-2011

Competitive multi-client study
provided by APK-Inform and AGRO-T.E.C.E.I

Russia, Ukraine and Argentina are the main world producers of sunflower and by-products, as well as their suppliers to the global market. So, change in the situation on the market by each indicated country has a great influence on the situation in other two of them as well as affects the world market of sunflower and by-products. Considering each other as a competitor not only on the world market of sunflower and oil but also in the context of the investments into the industry, these three countries pose a unique example of "connected competitiveness".

That is why, we have decided to examine in more details the situation on the markets of three countries in respect to production, processing, trade with sunflower and by-products, to evaluate the degree of competitiveness of the countries on the world market as well as simulate the prospects of development of the world market of sunflower in the nearest 2 years. We are confident that this research will be interesting to the largest trading and processing companies, working on the markets of these countries, as well as suppliers of inputs.

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