"Asia Grains & Oils Conference 2022 in Tashkent", Uzbekistan
Sep 14, 2022

A team of APK-Inform Asia in partnership with Inter Standart Consult and Expo Time announce the second international conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent.

On September 14-15, Tashkent will gather the leaders of agricultural industry and will turn into the main platform for grain and oilseeds business meeting.

The venue of the conference is International Hotel Tashkent.

Why Uzbekistan?
  • Uzbekistan remains one of the most dynamically growing country in the Central Asia. The economic transformation continue contribute to the development of the country's agricultural sector and the improvement of its investment climate.
  • Uzbekistan is the largest consumer of wheat in the Central Asia. According to USDA, the domestic wheat consumption can reach 8.7 mln tonnes in Uzbekistan in 2022/23 MY, up 2% y/y and almost 40% higher than the forecast for the largest player in the agricultural market of the region – Kazakhstan (6.2 mln tonnes).
  • Uzbekistan is increasing sunflower seed import. In 2022/23 MY, Uzbekistan can import 150 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, up 3 times compared to the forecast for the current season.
  • The country is located in the middle of the Silk Road. Taking into account current geopolitical reality, such location is attractive for large logistical projects.
  • Global changes in agricultural trade structure create new prospects for Uzbekistan as an important player not only in the Central Asia, but also on the world market.

Key topics to discuss:
  • Global trends of the grain market: influence of economic, weather, geopolitical factors. Food security. Prospects for 2022/23 MY.
  • Logistic routes and infrastructure of the Central Asia region: challenges and new prospects. Development of container transportation.
  • Fat-and-oil industry of the Central Asia: drivers and obstacles.
  • Flour segment of Uzbekistan: prospects for industry development.
  • Kazakhstan as a key supplier of wheat and flour to the Uzbek market: trade trends, quality issues.

And many other.

Target audience: agricultural producers, agricultural holdings, processing enterprises, exporters and importers of grains and oilseeds as well as by-products, suppliers of equipment for the storage and processing of grains and oilseeds, materials and equipment (seeds, crop protection products, equipment, fertilizers), logistics companies, analytical agencies, banks.

Language of the conference: Russian, English. We will provide simultaneous translation.

Follow the conference page to stay informed!


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