Officially: Poland finally decided unilaterally to ban the import of Ukrainian grain – Morawiecki




Poland finally decided not to open its borders for the import of Ukrainian grain. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated this on September 12.

"Poland will not allow us to be flooded with Ukrainian grain. Regardless of what the decision of Brussels officials will be, we will not open our borders," Interfax-Ukraine reports the prime minister's statement on Twitter.

М.Morawiecki stressed that the European Union is currently deciding whether to maintain the temporary embargo on the import of Ukrainian food introduced in the spring for Poland and other neighbors of Ukraine.

"I will tell you how it will end: we will not open the border. They should pay attention to this because only the Poles can decide how things will look in our own home," the head of the Polish government emphasized.

In the middle of April 2023, Poland, followed by Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria, under the pressure of local producers, suspended the import of grain and other food products from Ukraine. The countries agreed to cancel unilateral restrictions only after long negotiations with the European Union, as a result of which the EU Commission agreed to allocate 100 mln EUR for compensation to farmers from countries neighboring Ukraine.

After that, an embargo on the import of several grain and oil crops from Ukraine was approved at the level of the European Union by five Eastern European countries: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania. Restrictions apply until mid-September.

 On October 15, 2023, Poland will hold another parliamentary election.