Food Corporation of Kazakhstan agreed to resume grain exports to Iran




The Food Corporation of Kazakhstan held negotiations with representatives of the Iranian company FREEDOM SKY TRADING FZCO, which is the main supplier of agricultural products to Iran.

As the corporation's press service reported, following the meeting, agreements were reached to resume cooperation in the supply of Kazakh barley, feed wheat and corn to Iran, both by water transport and by land.

The Food Corporation noted that Iran is a traditional market for Kazakh grain, both wheat and barley.

“Kazakhstan, having stable ties with Iran in the field of grain trade, can carry out stable and large-scale export supplies of grain under favorable market conditions,” the message emphasizes.

As APK-Inform clarifies, citing official statistics, Kazakhstan’s grain exports to Iran have decreased significantly. The latest recorded shipments of Kazakh wheat to Iran occurred in August 2023, totaling 705 tonnes. Throughout the calendar year 2023, Kazakhstan exported a total of 68.6 thsd tonnes of wheat to Iran, significantly lower than the 559.1 thsd tonnes exported in 2022.

Barley exports from Kazakhstan to Iran in 2023 amounted to about 200 thsd tonnes (408.8 thsd tonnes in 2022).

As for corn, in December 2023, Kazakhstan exported 3.36 thsd tonnes of this product to Iran. Previously, no deliveries were recorded.