Export of Kazakh sunflower seed lowest for 6 years in 2021/22 MY




According to official statistics, Kazakhstan exported 224 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed in 2021/22 MY, the lowest for 6 years. Export quotas limited shipments of the oilseed in the last season, APK-Inform said.

China was the key destinations for Kazakh sunflower seed in 2021/22 MY. It increased purchases by 22% y/y to 126.4 thsd tonnes. Uzbekistan cut import by 31% to 83 thsd tonnes, Turkey – by 69% to 5.7 thsd tonnes.

APK-Inform forecasts the export of Kazakh sunflower seed at 280 thsd tonnes in 2022/23 MY, despite the severe logistical problems (lack of rail fleet, slow transportation, etc.). Possible implementation of the export duty on sunflower seed may limit the foreign supplies as well.