UGA updated production and export prospects of grains and oilseeds




The Ukrainian Grain Association has updated its estimate of the potential harvest of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine in 2023, raising it by 1 mln tonnes y-o-y — to 69 mln tonnes, the UGA press service reported.

"The smaller future harvest compared to previous seasons is due to the occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine, mining, hostilities, and the lack of funds and other resources for agrarians for a full-fledged planting campaign and crop cultivation. According to UGA, about 19.7 mln ha were planted in total, compared to an average of 25 mln ha in previous years. Of course, a lot depends on further weather conditions, which have been favorable for grains and oilseeds so far," the message states.

Under these conditions, the export of grains and oilseeds from Ukraine in 2023/24 MY may amount to 44.8 mln tonnes, while in 2022/23 MY this figure, according to UGA, totaled 58 mln tonnes.

"In general, the export of grains and oilseeds in 2023/24 MY can be expected at the specified level, if the operation of Ukrainian Black Sea ports is maintained and alternative routes are actively developed, in particular the Danube route," - stressed the UGA.

Crop prospects are as follows:

  • wheat: crop – 17.9 mln tonnes, export – about 15 mln tonnes;
  • barley: crop – 4.4 mln tonnes, export – around 2 mln tonnes;
  • corn: crop – 24,2 mln tonnes, export – around 20 mln tonnes;
  • sunflower seeds: crop – 12,7 mln tonnes, export – 1,1 mln tonnes, processing – 11,5 mln tonnes;
  • rapeseed: crop – 3,8 mln tonnes, export – around 3,5 mln tonnes;
  • soybeans: crop – nearly 4,4 mln tonnes, export – 3 mln tonnes.