"Asia Grains & Oils conference in Qazaqstan 2022", Astana, Qazaqstan
Nov 10, 2022

Turbulent times always bring new ideas and require fast and innovative solutions to run a successful business. That is why, the APK-Inform team in partnership with Expo Time and Inter Standurt Consult continues to develop Asia Grains&Oils Conference project and invites the entire agricultural community to take part in a large-scale event that will be held on November 10-11 in Astana.

Radisson Hotel Astana will be a venue for the conference.

Global economic changes, the need for dialogue with partners on domestic and foreign trade, the problems and pain points of the grain and oilseed industry in Kazakhstan, interaction with authorities, competition on the global market and export potential… we offer all these topics and many other for discussion during the event.


Asia Grains&Oils Conference includes:
  • More than 15 speakers-experts in their field
  • 2 days of intensive workshop that will help you find a new vector for business development
  • 150+ representatives of grain and oilseed business
  • 2-hour exclusive legal seminar on aspects of trade in the region
  • More than 15 expert speakers


Asia Grains&Oils Conference is a platform to gather international community of agricultural experts, who will speak about:
  • Economic realities of agricultural business development in Kazakhstan
  • Forecasts and prospects for Kazakh market in the new season
  • Quality of grain and oilseeds
  • New and old sales markets for Kazakh agricultural products
  • Analysis of infrastructure and logistics
  • Niche grains and oilseeds
  • Competition or partnership between Kazakhstan and Russia
  • Price trends
  • Confrontation between processors and exporters in the segment of wheat and sunflower seed: competition for feedstock, export duties issue
  • Feed segment development and prospects for deep grain processing
  • Place of Kazakhstan on the Chinese market


Target audience of Asia Grains&Oils Conference:

Agricultural producers, agriholdings, processors, exporters and importers of grains, oilseeds and by-products, suppliers of equipment for storing and processing of grains and oilseeds, material and technical resources (seeds, equipment, crop protection products, fertilizers), logistics companies, analytical agencies, banks.


Follow the conference page for all updates, stay at the center of agricultural events with us!



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