Online conference "Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition"
Jan 21, 2021

APK-Inform carries on its tradition and announces the first online conference of 2021 to be focus on Kazakh oilseed segment!

2020/21 MY is a season of unprecedented challenges for Kazakh oilseed market. It has brought the new tasks for both inner companies and those who deals with export and import. Despite this, Kazakhstan keeps on heading for the development of oilseed segment!

Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition to be held on January 21, 2021 on ZOOM platform. We will discuss the key trends and possibilities of the oilseed segment in 2020/21 MY.

Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition is not about boring and monotonous presentations!

Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition is the key informational platform providing excellent opportunity to discuss the main developments of Kazakh oilseed market with the leading experts, analyze the problems, find out their sources and assess risks and prospects of the second half of the season.

We want Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition to turn into a platform for active dialogue. We make it free of charge to let everyone to get the maximum of relevant and adequate information about Kazakh oilseed market.

What will we discuss within the conference?

  • Peculiarities of oilseed market in the current season: drivers and obstacles
  • Quality of the main oilseed crops and main export requirements
  • Traditional and promising export destinations for Kazakh oilseeds and products
  • Processors vs exporters on sunflower seed market: competition, import of the oilseed, export duty issue
  • Abnormally high prices of flaxseed: price records and place of Kazakh flaxseed on the global market
  • China as a leading importer of Kazakh oilseeds and products. Place of Kazakhstan on the Chinese market
  • Russian market of oilseeds and products, etc

Check for updates at the conference page, stay in the thick of the agricultural events and find out all peculiarities of Kazakh oilseed market together with us!

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