"Fat & Oils Conference", Almaty
May 11, 2023
The National Association of Oilseeds Processors of Kazakhstan announces the second international oil and fat conference "FOC 2023: Fats and Oils Conference".

APK-Inform Agency is the general media partner of the event.

The opportunity to gather at one site for all participants in the oil and fat market - processors, agricultural producers, representatives of relevant ministries and science, as well as industry associations - is very valuable. The challenges faced by the fat and oil business require the development of a unified market strategy for the successful development of the industry.

The existing shortage of raw materials in the world market, according to experts' forecasts, will continue in the new season, because in the leading supplier countries - Ukraine and Russia - a reduction in the sunflower harvest is expected. And already in 5 months, Kazakhstan has supplied as many oilseeds to foreign markets as in the entire last season. And the production of butter in the Republic exceeded last year's level by 2 times. And the export duty on sunflower seeds, which replaced the tariff quotas, this year should demonstrate its effectiveness in ensuring food security and stabilizing the oil and fat market.

In general, the situation is difficult, but very interesting! Kazakh processors are forced to work in such difficult conditions, increasing production and exports, developing new markets and at the same time fulfilling the task of ensuring the country's food security.

All these and many other issues will be discussed at the second international fat and oil conference "FOC 2023: Fats and Oils Conference". The opportunity to participate in the event, which will bring together almost all processors in Kazakhstan, learn about market trends and forecasts, make promising contacts and conclude contracts is worth a lot!

We invite you to take part in the conference!

The first event "FOC 2022: Fat and Oils Conference" was attended by more than 100 representatives of the oilseed sector.

Registration of conference participants is carried out by the organizing committee:


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Alexander Yashkov

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The National Association of Oilseeds Processors of Kazakhstan was founded in 2021, but has already managed to become a driver for the development of the oil and fat industry of the Republic. The oil plants that are part of the association process 90% of the total volume of oilseeds in the country. The share of exports of plants-participants of NAPMK is more than 90% of the total exports of Kazakhstan.

The Association plays an important role in improving communication between producers, building a productive dialogue with government agencies, promoting Kazakhstani fat and oil products in foreign markets, and is also engaged in forecasting and analyzing the fat and oil industry.


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Alexandr Yashkov

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