Agrometeorological conditions favored winter crops development in Ukraine in late October




In late October, winter crops planted in September were tillering, while those planted in October were on the initial phases of development in Ukraine. The phase development was close to multiyear index across most of the area, declared the Ukrhydrometeocenter.

“As of October 30, soil moisture content under winter crops was heterogeneous, mostly sufficient. Despite the lack of rains during the ten-day period, there was no active evaporation due to rather high air humidity, fogs and mass autumn dew”, - was stated in the message.

This resulted in sufficient and optimal moisture content in top soil across most of the area. However, soil moisture was accumulated mainly through the depth of 20-30 cm in central and southern oblasts.

Conditions of winter crops were good and excellent across the areas with sufficient moisture content. Development of plants vary significantly and sprouts were thinned out across the areas with insufficient soil moisture content.