Kazakhstan sees substantial rise in barley exports to China




In 2022/23 MY, Kazakhstan achieved a record-breaking barley export of over 591.000 tonnes to China, nearly six times the previous year's figure of 99.300 tonnes. Notably, in the first month of 2023/24 MY, Kazakhstan had already exported 99.000 tonnes of barley to China, a volume nearly equal to the entire season-2021/22 and surpassing the first three months of 2022/23 MY. This data, based on official statistics, was reported by APK-Inform.

Apart from China, which accounted for 47% of all grain export supplies in 2022/23 MY, Kazakh barley was actively imported by Iran (33%) and Uzbekistan (13%).

At the start of 2023/24 MY, China emerges as the dominant importer of Kazakh barley, holding a near monopoly with an 87% share of all deliveries in September. Uzbekistan accounted for an additional 8% of the imports, while shipments to other countries remained minimal.

APK-Inform Agency forecasts a 23% decrease in Kazakhstan's barley production in 2023/24 MY, with an estimated output of 2.5 mln tonnes. Export potential is also anticipated to decline by 43% compared to 2022/23 MY to 600.000 tonnes. Notably, in September, Kazakhstan has already shipped over 113 thsd tonnes, equivalent to 19% of the projected export volume.

The upcoming international conference, Asia Grains&Oils Conference: Results of 2023, scheduled for December 5 in Almaty, will focus on the outcomes of the previous marketing year, the outlook for the new grain season, and the impact of the Chinese factor on the Central Asian market

Prominent Kazakh grain and barley exporters will take part in the conference. The event offers a valuable platform for fostering business connections and facilitating direct negotiations on product supply, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

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Detailed agenda of the conference is available on the APK-Inform website.