Russia: weather impact on agricultural crops in the first ten days of September 2020




European part

Across the main part of Central and Volga FDs, dry and warm weather (22-27°C in daytime) prevailed in most days of the first ten-day period of September. The same weather was observed across western part of Northwestern FD and northwestern part of Central FD in half of days (22-27°C in daytime). Hot weather (29-35°C) prevailed across the southern part of the territory. The weather conditions were favorable for harvesting campaign.

Minimal air temperature mainly totaled 2-7°C. Across almost the entire territory, the average air temperature was 2-5°C lower than the norm. It was close to the norm in southeastern part of Volga FD only.

Rains (15-20 mm over the ten-day period, locally up to 30-45 mm) occurred at the time of lower temperature complicated the harvesting progress mainly during the end of the reporting period. Rains were almost absent or totaled 1-7 mm only across the main part of Volga FD and central black earth oblasts.

Harvesting campaign of grain crops, sugar beet, soybean and flaxseed was processing across almost the entire territory. Farmers started harvesting sunflower seed. Weather conditions were satisfactory for late arable crops amid the deficit of soil moisture, locally the conditions were bad in the southern regions. Farmers started planting of winter grain crops. Weather conditions were good and satisfactory for soil preparation, planting and sprouting across most of the territory. They were unfavorable amid soil moisture deficit in southeastern part of Central FD and southern part of Volga FD.

Hot and most dry weather prevailed across Sothern and Northwestern FDs. The maximum air temperature reached 33-37°C. The progress of the harvesting campaign was complicated by rains during 2-4 days (15-40 mm, locally 70 mm and more) in many regions of Krasnodar Territory as well as the North Caucasus Republics. Precipitation improved soil moisture content that was favorable for soil preparation for winter grain planting.

The harvesting campaign of late grain crops, sunflower seed and sugar beet have been continuing across most of the territory. Conditions were mostly unfavorable for crops amid hot weather and moisture deficit.

The planting campaign of winter grain crops started in Volgograd and some regions of Rostov oblasts. Weather conditions were mainly unfavorable for soil preparation, planting and sprouting. The effective moisture content was insufficient.

Asian part

The average temperature was close to the norm across most of Ural FD. The maximal temperature reached 27-31°C. The minimal temperature totaled 1-3°C, locally it declined to -2°C. The rains were almost absent in the southern part of the district and the weather conditions were favorable for harvesting campaign and planting of winter crops.

The start of the reporting period was warm in Siberian FD, the average daily temperature exceeded the norm by 4-C and the maximum temperatures reached 23-28°C. The temperature declined to 13-15°C in daytime since September 3-5. Generally, the average ten-day temperature was close to the norm in western part of the district and exceeded the norm by 2-3°C in eastern part. Precipitation was observed across almost the entire territory (30-50 mm and more). Rains complicated harvesting and planting campaigns during 4-6 days of the reporting period.

The warm weather prevailed across most of Far Eastern FD. Rains was small in western part of the districts and conditions for harvesting campaign were favorable. Extensive precipitation (50-100 mm) was observed in eastern part during 4-7 days. Conditions were unfavorable and bad for harvesting campaign amid excessive moisture content.

According to the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia