Ukraine started corn planting




Agrarians of the Sumy region were the first in Ukraine to start planting corn, with 0.7 thsd ha planted as of April 13, reported the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

In general, as of April 13, Ukrainian farmers have already planted 722.4 thsd ha with grains and pulses, including:

- spring barley –  436 thsd ha;

- spring wheat – 142.8 thsd ha;

- peas – 84.7 thsd ha;

- oats – 53.6 thsd ha;

- millet – 0.7 thsd ha.

"Over the past week, in Ukraine, a total of 102 thsd ha of grains and pulses were planted," the ministry added.

As of April 13, sunflower seeds and sugar beet were planted through 37.2 thsd ha.