Poland is ready to find a compromise on the issue of importing Ukrainian agriproducts – Kachka




The three EU countries, which introduced national bans on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products, are ready to consider the mechanism of joint verification and approval of supplies proposed by Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Economy – trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka stated this on the air of the National Telethon on September 20, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reported.

"We have presented our agricultural export control plan to all neighboring countries. We have very good feedback from Romania and Bulgaria, which reacted quite positively and did not introduce national bans. The other three countries, including Poland, are also already giving positive signals regarding their readiness to consider the mechanism offered by Ukraine," said T. Kachka.

According to him, in fact, Ukraine suggested introducing a mechanism for joint verification and approval of the supply of four types of agricultural goods (wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seed) to five EU countries.

"This will not solve the problem completely, because it will actually indicate the trade between Ukraine and these five EU countries in manual mode. But it will be a step forward and a rejection of prohibitions, which are unacceptable to us. The Ukrainian proposal can become the basis for solving the issue of agricultural products export to five EU countries. The Polish side has already stated that it is ready to work on solving this problem. I believe that by the end of the week, we will be able to reach a certain compromise," the official added.

It should also be noted that, on September 20, the Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Robert Telus, announced that Poland is ready to find a solution to the problem related to Ukrainian grain.

"We are waiting for such negotiations and are ready for them to take place," he said and added that Poland is open to finding a solution that will secure the Polish market, protect it, and help Ukraine.