Moldova’s farmers demand to ban sunflower imports from Ukraine




Moldovan farmers demand from the government to introduce a ban on the import of sunflower seeds from Ukraine, as this leads to a decrease in oilseed prices on the domestic market, reports

"Over the past week, sunflower seed prices in Moldova have decreased by 2 lei, currently traders are buying sunflower seeds for 5.5 lei/kg. This price is lower than the production cost of about 7 lei per 1 kg. In addition, the production cost is lower for large producers due to vast volumes," said Oleksandr Slusar, executive director of the Association of Agricultural Producers of the Republic of Moldova "Syla Fermeriv", adding that sunflower seeds are purchased from individuals for 4.5 lei/kg.

At the same time, he connected the decrease in oilseed prices with the intention of Transoil, a large domestic market player, to bring a large batch of sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Moldova, which costs about 5 lei/kg.

"At a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and traders, we suggested banning the import of sunflower seeds from Ukraine until the end of this year," Slusar said, adding that nine carloads of oilseeds had already been brought to Moldova from Ukraine.

At the same time, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova Vasyl Sharban denied claims about importing sunflower seeds from Ukraine.

"We monitor these processes and have not seen anything like this. And traders justify their prices by the fact that sunflower oil is also an exchange product, and its prices are also falling. It is stupid to ban imports that do not exist," he said.