Seaports of Ukraine should reach the level of 30% of the pre-war agriproducts export – UAC




In the difficult current conditions, increasing the volume of food exports by sea to at least 30% of the level that was exported before the full-scale invasion would improve the overall export performance of Ukrainian agricultural products. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, Denys Marchuk, on the air of the National Telethon, the press service of the UAC reported.

“The work of the maritime humanitarian corridor developed by our military gives hope. As of September 25, only two ships with a total volume of 20.000 tonnes have left. But they showed that the corridor can work. This is a signal to the world that security is ensured in the water area under our control. In the future, the free passage of ships by sea will only improve. However, currently, the danger still remains, especially in the ports,” D. Marchuk said.

He also added that there are now ships waiting in line for passage to the seaports of Ukraine, which can export approximately 120 thsd tonnes of food products. This includes the vessels for the export of industrial goods. In addition, the efficiency of the river ports of Ukraine is increasing.

“Despite constant shelling by the Russians, today the river ports export Ukrainian agricultural products quite efficiently. In September, we expect a good result from the export of agriproducts in this direction – about 3 mln tonnes. In general, for today, it is necessary to establish a stable monthly export of 4.5 mln tonnes of food products for the normal functioning of the Ukrainian agricultural sector”, the deputy head of the UAC believes.