By mid-November, more than 4.5 mln ha were planted with winter grains in Ukraine




As of November 14, in Ukraine the total planting for under winter grains is 4.514 mln ha, reported the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

In particular, winter wheat was planted on 3.968 mln ha, barley – on 469 thsd ha, and rye – on 77 thsd ha.

Notably, in the past week alone, the winter grain crops saw an increase of 128.5 thsd ha.

"Eight oblasts of Ukraine have completed the planting of winter crops, in others it is coming to an end. In most regions, agriproducers have already planted winter crops by 90% of the forecast," the message states.

The ministry also clarified that the planting area of winter rapeseed, as of November 14, is estimated at 1.151 mln ha. Thus, the total planting area of all winter crops reached almost 5.7 mln ha.