Prices of Ukrainian corn decreased at western borders, in the Danube ports – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the bid prices of corn were mainly decreasing last week at the western borders and in the Danube ports of Ukraine due to stronger flow of cargoes.

Larger supply was the key bearish factor. Moreover, seasonal factor, completion of the harvesting campaign were pressuring the prices. However, these factors were partially offset by moderate demand for Ukrainian corn, smaller production in the EU and possible wintering of part of corn crop in fields in Ukraine.

The bid prices of traders totaled 170-200 (sometimes 205-210) USD/t CPT-port (the Danube). The prices of importers for delivery in November-December decreased to 220-240 EUR/t DAP at the borders with Poland and Romania, to 225-245 EUR/t DAP at the borders with Hungary and Slovakia. They stay at 270-285 EUR/t CIF in the port of Constanta.

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