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Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan are at the threshold of a new grain season which is expected by many market participants to be more favorable than the current one.

Favorable wintering conditions for grain crops in Russia and Ukraine, the intensive planting of spring crops amid quite favorable weather conditions give the Black Sea countries the potential to regain the main positions in the pool of grain producers and exporters.

Speaking about wheat, USDA analysts expect Russia can increase its production by 11.49 million tonnes to at least 53 million tons, Ukraine – by 2.16 million tons to about 19 million tons, Kazakhstan – by 5.3 million tons to about 15 million tons.

Meanwhile, the optimistic forecasts for Black Sea region can be offset by the negative reports from the U.S. and Europe where drought and rainfalls can affect significantly the future grain harvest and consequently result in market conditions change as well as grain export flows in the 2011/12 season.

In this situation, professional analysis of the grain market is increasingly important based on the factors determining the current condition and market trends over the medium term, allowing to assess the main challenges and risks in the production and consumption patterns.

Aiming to create a platform for professional communication between members of the CIS grain market, leading consulting companies in Russia and Ukraine - analytical centre “SovEkon” and analytical agency “APK-Inform” organize the analytical forum “Russia-Ukraine-Kazakhstan: at the start of a new grain season” on July 14, 2011 in Kiev (Hotel “Opera”).

Within the framework of the forum, delegates will be able to exchange opinions and take part in professional dialogue, discuss grain balances and estimate the price range in the 2011/12 season, as well as assess winter crops acreage for the harvest of 2012.

Experts from the private trading and consulting companies, representatives from FAO and government institutions of the Black Sea region will present their view of the current and future market condition in the world, specifically in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Producers of grains, analysts and traders of the grain market are invited to take part in the analytical forum.

Participation in the analytical forum “Russia-Ukraine-Kazakhstan: at the start of a new grain season” is a great opportunity to be the first in the swim of the Black Sea grain market.


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