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APK-Inform Agency

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Insurance Company "Indigo"

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International Law Firm "Aleksandrov&Partners"

4 elements of effective agricultural production


The base of any production are resourses. Creation of high-efficiency production is possible by proffesional work with the best necessary resourses:

  • Land

  • Finances

  • Inputs

  • People (human resources)

Exactly these elements would be presented by the key blocks of the new conference of our agency. For each session we are providing:

  • split-level view - from macro level to the level of middle agricultural company

  • complex and independent appraisal of the market

  • open discussion "farmers-suppliers"


AgroResurcy-2010: for whom?

For the last few years, APK Inform-Agency has watched for development of agricultural producers by monitoring the dynamics of development of Ukrainian agrobusiness. Today we can state that despite the impact and leading positions of 15-20 large agroholdings, they do not determine the general character of the industry. But the segment of middle-size farms - owing from 1000 to 5000 ha - is the most representative and interesting player of domestic agrobusiness. The distinctive features of this segment are the following:

  • independence (material, as well as and judgements)

  • availability of sufficient material and technical base

  • flexibility of business strategy

  • mentality of development: "not thanks to but in spite of"


"Our conference AgroResurcy is for successful and ambitious enterprises, understanding that the positive dynamics of productivity and careful attitude to the available resources is the main purpose of any agricultural producer.

The examples of the most successful management are also possible on 500 ha and on the contrary, the sad experience of some large agro-holdings shows the encorrectness of strategies of rapid growth of land bank to invest in this unique Ukrainian resource "


AgroResurcy-2010: what for?

Though the Ukrainian market of alike conferences is rather overloaded, we take the courage on ourselves to assure that our event will be:

  • really independent, that is confirmed by 13 experienced years of our agency's work.

  • the unique, providing with the complex approach (by uniting the best information about all the general resources)


"Most alike events, held in Ukraine, were oriented for the largest players of the industry. The past year displayed the real sensibility of giants and the necessity of changing in determining the balance of forces in the industry... "It is time to talk more about the content of agricultural produtcion, but not about its form..."


The key segments of the conference: successful market-base middle and large farms.


The paricipants of the Conference will get:

  • the first in Ukraine independent ratings of the general kinds of machinery of inputs

  • the useful contacts with representatives of the leading suppliers of material, financial and other resources

  • the information about the potential of increasing the efficiency of usage of each of the existing resources within the frameworks of the discussion and communication


More detailed information concerning participation is provided by Marketing Department of IA "APK-Inform": +380 562 320795, +7 495 7894419, e-mail: [email protected]