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Taking into account the positive responses about the first conference focused on a segment of the domestic farmers held by APK-Inform Agency in 2010, our agency announces the second conference «AgroResurcy 2012: ways of increase of agroindustrial profitability», which will take place on February, 9, within the limits of the exhibition «InterAgro 2012».


In 2010 at conference "AgroResurcy" the analysts of "APK-Inform" informed the results of the study «Portrait of the Ukrainian agricultural producer», based on the comparative analysis of resources provision, and also formations of the cost price of plant growing products in small, average and large-scale enterprises became. The given research has been carried out on the basis of poll of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine.Within the conference « AgroResurcy 2012», being based on the saved up 15-year experience of activity of agency in the agrarian market, and also the available data received after polling the agricultural producers, APK-Inform will present the retrospective analysis and the assessment of profitability of production of agricultural crops in Ukraine for the last 5 seasons. On the basis of this material, as well as in view of the present economic situation, the analysts of APK-Inform will try to make the forecast of development of plant growing industry for the near prospect. The assessment of agricultural production profitability will become a key subject of the conference «AgroResurcy 2012»      


The basic subjects of conference will be the following:

  • Agricultural production in Ukraine: state, development tendencies, profitability assessment

The general state of the Ukrainian agricultural production and development trends, the impact of the government regulation on the branch; influence of the world market conjuncture on the agricultural production volumes in Ukraine; the features of formation of the cost price of of agroproduction and the assessment of profitability in view of the structure of farms and crops

  • The ways of increase of profitability of agricultural production

The experience of effective agricultural productionby the example of the foreign and Ukrainian agrarian companies; application of resource-saving technologies as one of ways of increase of profitability; qualitative storage of agricultural products as a tool of profitincrease.


  • Agricultural products' realization

The realization of agricultural products on the basis of agricultural cooperative societies; the wholesale markets of agricultural products in Ukraine; forward purchases as an effective channel of realization of agricultural products


Conference target audience

The basic segmen, which the conference "Agroresources" is focusedon - "the middle-scale" farms having land bank from 1000 to 10000 hectares, large agricultural enterprises, agroholdings, trading companies, suppliers of МTR, financial structures, industrial organizations, representatives of the government.


Conference Place: an exhibition center "KievExpoPlaza", 04111 Ukraine, Kiev

Street Saljutnaja, 2-B (underground "Nivki" item), pavilion №3, conferece-halls №2, 3.


The detailed information on conditions of participation in conference, partnership, sponsorship, making a presentation can be given by the conference organizing committee:


+380 562 320795 (Multichannel)

+380 562 321595

Elena Cherednichenko (ext. 120) —Head of organizing committee of conference

[email protected]

Julia Trautskaya (ext.150) — Manager of the project

[email protected],[email protected]

Elena Nikitina (ext 115) — Marketing expert of the project

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