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APK-Inform Agency announces the second conference "Grain exports from Ukraine", to be held in Kyiv (Hotel ALFAVITO Kyiv) on November 2, 2017.

Ukraine started a new 2017/18 MY in fairly active way – with high demand of companies-exporters for grains and its high prices. Regular inflow of information from the main countries-producers of grains about the negative impact of weather conditions on crop condition and expected worsening of grain quality parameters became the main driver of such development. According to recent reports of APK-Inform Agency, in the first month of the new season the export shipments exceeded the figures for July 2016 by 16%.

However, the harvesting campaign demonstrated rather positive results, and the situation of the grain market in the new season somewhat changed. The prospects for grain sales of the harvest-2017 in terms of high competition with neighbouring Russia and its pressure on the global prices, became the key issues in the market segment. In addition, there is a concern about excess supply on the market of feed grains.

Generally, APK-Inform analysts estimated the export potential of Ukrainian grain market in 2017/18 MY at 39.6 mln tonnes, a decrease of 11.7% compared with record figures last season (44.9 mln tonnes). The forecast of grains and pulses production in Ukraine totals 64.1 mln tonnes (down 3% compared with a record in 2016/17 MY).

As for the exports of Ukrainian grains, it is worth studying what efforts market participants use to achieve such high rates, and what barriers they have to overcome.

Taking into account the importance and complexity of both previously announced and new challenges, to date it is extremely topical to fully discuss them and find the required solutions. Therefore, APK-Inform Agency announces the second conference "Grain exports from Ukraine", which will provide an excellent site for panel discussion among the direct market participants, representatives of the authorities, regulatory bodies and industry associations.

Key topics:

- Ukrainian grain market in 2017/18 MY: main trends and impact factors. Results of several early months of the export season

- Russia & Ukraine on the global grain market: competition rates up

- Price trends of the grain season-2017/18

- Sales strategies in grain exports in 2017

- Problems of grain exports related to its phytosanitary condition and qualitative parameters

- Export infrastructure and logistics of the season: chain of unsettled problems

- Grains and authorities. State regulations - stumbling block or simplifying of business environment?

- Trade barriers and their impact on grain exports

Target audience: traders, grain producers, logistics, surveyor and fumigation companies, lawyers, ports, financial institutions, industry associations, representatives of the government and authorities, etc.


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