Conditions of participation


Registration fee for one participant totals 250USD


Registration fee includes:

  • participation of one delegate in the conference work;
  • receiving of informational materials of the conference (reports and presentations after the conference, the list of participants with contact details);
  • coffee-break, lunch, drinks and buffet.


Additional opportunities for participants:

  • Participation as the conference sponsor
  • Putting of advertising products into packages of the conference participants
  • Placing of the company banner in the conference-hall or the lobby in front of the conference-hall during the event


Terms of payment

Full prepayment against the invoice charged by the organizer in accordance with the participant's application. The invoice is valid for three banking days.

The participant may cancel his participation unilaterally. Cancellation of participation in the conference is accepted only in writing form confirmed by the company head's signature.


Payment return in case of cancellation of the conference participation:

- until September 30 - the organizer shall return 80% of the paid sum;

- October 1-15 - the organizer shall return 50% of the paid sum;

- after October 16 - the paid sum is not to be refunded.