26 вер. 2011 р.
Министерство сельского хозяйства РФ

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Conference organisers:

IA "APK-Inform"


The National union of grain producers

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Turkish flour industrialists' federation

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Southern Independent Companies

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Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation


Ukrainian Grain Association


The National Union of grain producers and APK-Inform Agency under support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia will hold the international conference Grain of Russia - 2011 (September 26-28, 2011, Rostov-on-Don).

The conference Grain of Russia has already own certain history and won its place among other informational events devoted to problems of the grain market.

The key categories of the conference participants include large- and medium-scale agricultural producers, trade and purchasing companies, supplying and selling companies.

The conference invites heads of the federal and regional government authorities, leading domestic and international agricultural experts, representatives of scientific organizations, key consumers of grains from several foreign countries.


The key topics of the conference:

  • Conditions on the world grain market and its impact on the Russian market

  • Potential for exports and trends of the domestic grain market

  • State regulation of the grain market (trading, production, etc.)

  • Effective agricultural production: increase of profitability of grain production


Besides, the conference will present the large-scale multi-client study "Portrait of agricultural producer of Russia: south".


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More detailed information about the conference will be available at the web-sites of the National Union of grain producers and APK-Inform Agency:

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